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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) maintains an authoritarian grip on both politics and telecommunications.

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In November 2013, du issued a statement that submarine cables were experiencing faults affecting their internet bandwidth.[18] In March 2013, Etisalat warned that users would face slower speeds due to the cutting of a fiber-optic cable off of the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.

In June 2015, the government announced a decision to allow up to 20 percent of Etisalat shares to be held by foreign investors.[24] The two companies are also the major mobile phone operators.

Ongoing crackdowns on users have increased self-censorship on social media and online news outlets, of which the most prominent are government-owned.

Numerous websites are blocked and search results are filtered in order to prevent access to local and international voices that differ from the state line, particularly on political, religious, and sexual matters.

[2] Between 20, dozens have been detained for their political discussions on online forums and social media.

Many have reported that they were held without charge, denied the right to an attorney, and in some cases, tortured.

This May, Etisalat selected Telia Sonera International Carrier (TSIC) as its preferred global internet backbone provider under a framework deal.[16] The country’s two internet service providers—Etisalat and du—have launched their own carrier-neutral international internet exchange points, Smarthub and Datamena, respectively.

Cuts to undersea cables have disrupted internet access for Emirati users on several occasions, though government-instituted outages are not known.

Principals are enrolled in international computer literacy training programs.[14] By 2017, the country expects its Smart Learning Program to be installed in all K-12 government school classes; replacing textbooks with tablets and allowing students to interact with educators through an online platform.[15] In the Emirates, internet service providers (ISPs) are owned by the state.

In 2008, Etisalat had announced the rollout of its nationwide fiber optic backbone.

Foreign nationals are also targeted under harsh laws regulating social media use, resulting in their arrest and often deportation.

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