cuba dating - Ny times minneapolis dating scene

I wouldn't make it without a car in MSP but its easy to do in Chicago.Now if you look at this map, you can see that long-term relationship thing is more questionable.

Hi Everyone, I'm originally from Michigan but have lived all over and recently spent the last 3 years in New York City.

I have a really good friend that lives in Minneapolis and every time I've gone to visit her, I surprisingly liked the area.

I'm a 32 year old single that would like a LTR and to settle down sooner rather than later, but I worry everyone will be married there and aside from my best friend, will experience the 'Minnesota Nice' and not fit in.

So even if it is a great city, if you're always alone it's not really worth it.

Chicago may be easier to meet people, but I worry it will also have the same 'ADD' dating mentality as NY.

I'm not moving just for the dating scene but settling down is definitely a priority at this stage in my life so I want to be cognizant of that when I move. According to this calculator, cost of living in Chicago is about 11% lower than NYC and the cost of living in MSP is 17% lower than NYC.

Cost of Living Calculator | Comparison Tool Now with that being said I have lived in both Chicagoland and MSP.

If you don't have a car in Chicago I would say that would be a big savings versus MSP.

I'm ready to move back to the Midwest region mainly for affordability.

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