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There’s also a sister site, Bloesemkids (bkids.typepad.com) dedicated to craft projects for children.Houzz Claiming to have more than 1.5 million images, this is the site to visit when you’re looking for ideas and inspiration.US based, its images have a nostalgic retro quality.

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Design Sponge The beauty of the internet is that you can now indulge your curiosity about other people’s lives on a global scale.

Design Sponge, with its readers’ before and after DIY shots and broad mix of Stateside homes, is a great source of inspiration and a visit is pretty much guaranteed to evoke a moment of house and lifestyle envy.

National Trust treasure hunt One for those of you with a penchant for history and restoration, this site celebrates the homes belonging to the National Trust with a behind-the-scenes look at the objects in them, the stories behind them, and the renovation and work that goes into preserving them.

All that marble, brass and paisley is also sure to inspire you to similarly grand ideas.

Home Shopping Spy Penned by Ideal Home’s style editor, this is a good site to visit when you’re looking for shopping inspiration.

The blog features a nicely edited selection of new products, stores and decorating tips and is ideal when you’ve had enough of the personal updates to which some blogs are prone.If you see something you like you can click and buy too.Design Squish This photographically led blog finds its inspiration in the natural world and has an emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly art and design.Mark Twitchell, who used an online dating site to lure his victim to an Edmonton garage in 2008 where he killed and dismembered him, has a profile on Canadian Inmate Connect, an online dating site for inmates.Continue reading In the past year, the sexually transmitted infection rate in Alberta has skyrocketed, and Alberta Health Services is launching a cheeky social media campaign in hopes of reaching the younger generation.Continue reading Photos of Douglas Garland taken by police following his arrest in July 2014.

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