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Going to those places at a different time of day could make a difference.

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The message: Once again, cute jocks are cads; marry the nerd.

1984’s “Revenge of the Nerds,” in which a group of brilliant but socially ostracized men set out to gain social acceptance — and dates — and achieve their goals, is, of course, the crowning achievement of “date the nerd” trope-pushers.

You’ll be able to tell if someone is faking (dare I say it – pandering) geeky interests without going through an interrogation.

If you’d rather meet someone face to face first, you’ll have to get outside much sooner.

Obviously, you’ll need to go places where geeks go.

Chances are good that you already do that; you just have to open your eyes.

There are plenty of single men and women in the geek dating scene, you just have to put a little effort into finding them.

Though it can start online, you’ll eventually have to leave your house. It’s easier than ever to meet like-minded people online.

If nothing else, visit their section for online dating tips.

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