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2.5 days of online dating lunacy This week I changed online dating sites (there’s a story there, you’ll hear it next week) I put my profile on the new site around midnight on Sunday. I’m here to share with you some of the cray-cray that has entered by inbox in the last 60 hours. I did the math: I heard from over 150 guys, this list accounts for 15 (there was some overlap in this list).

So, without further adieu I will share with you the things that 2.5 days of online dating brought into my life. So, we’re saying about 10% creepy or 90% regular human beings.

There were even some really good ones in there- I’ve got some dates lined up already! Next week we’re going to talk a bit more about online dating- We’ll talk about finding the right site for what you want (and my misadventures in wrong-site dating) and I’ve got some great stuff to show you from Reid Mihalko (who I just adore) and the awesome folks at The Intimacy Dojo about crafting a profile that attracts people you actually want to talk to.

Originally published on Autostraddle and cross-posted here with their permission. Not only do I lack any sexual experience, but I have no romantic experience to speak of either.

In the event that infantilization proved inadequate, some would disguise their aversion to disabled sexuality with good old-fashioned biphobia.

My most recent crush, made painfully aware of my feelings after a night of drunken confession, dodged the subject by insisting that I would date a woman for a few years and then inevitably leave her for a man.

I acknowledge that my perspective is shaped by a specific set of biases that other individuals with disabilities may or may not share. On that note, I am fully aware that there are many disabled people that enjoy active, fulfilling sex lives.

Just because no one has yet deemed me bangable does not mean that I think all individuals with disabilities are doomed to perpetual sexual Siberia indefinitely.

Pain and repression can incite crucial discussions.

If we can resist our natural impulse to avoid negativity by trying to paper over and redeem subjects that make us upset, we might start to see some actual change. At no point do I ever claim to speak for the entire disabled community.

My disability is very visible in that I use an electric wheelchair for daily transportation.

Today, I wanted to talk to you all about the ways in which being a disabled woman has shaped my romantic and erotic (mis)adventures. I want to discuss my use of the word “cripple,” which is obviously a loaded term and can be triggering for many people.

I had lived my entire life in an incredibly rural area of Pennsylvania, and so I was eager to prove to myself that my relative lack of a social life or love interest was a result of being stuck with the same people and needing transportation to get just about anywhere.

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