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(Though it’s worth pointing out that Cardi also caught flak last season for saying she wanted to get married to Tommy in the prison yard. Y’all not worried about if Tommy got magazines or stamps to send letters. Haters gonna hate, even when you get brand-new teeth.) So, in typical Cardi fashion, the woman explained exactly why she did what she did, and took to social media to do it.

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She is the best girlfriend I can image, you know, we have fun together and very good sex. We share the same interests and my friends are her friends and reversed.

I don’t think about leaving her because I love her, but the relationship extremely suffers because of my jealousy.

I know that I’m way better than all of the guys she slept with, I also know that she won’t cheat on me.

She knows how I feel about this whole thing and she told me that she doesn’t even think about her past for a second. Every time I think about her past I get in a really bad mood, she notices this and asks me what the problem is.

We talked about my thoughts and all of the things that are depressing me, many times.

She doesn’t feel disturbed by the fact that I slept with 3 other girls before I met her because she knows that the past is the past and that the present with me is all that matters.Before starting the relationship with her I had a girlfriend for about 2 and a half years which I terminated because of many disputes and the jealousy of her. After this relationship I had intercourse with two girls, with the first about five times, with the second I had a threesome with my buddy. I was single for about six months, and then I met my current girlfriend.About a week before we decided that we want to be together she told me some details about her past, for example that she has had a foursome with one of her best female friends and two guys.I could go on for about 1000 more words, but I think you know my problem by now.I spent a lot of time to read through nearly every post that belongs to the same problem, but it didn’t help me much.Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

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