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The State of Connecticut has had mandatory recycling for a number of items in effect since January 1, 1991.Listed below is the full text of some of the regulations relating to recycling as well as an annotated listing of all recycling statutes.

Most of the 8,600-plus municipal recycling programs in existence today are modeled on these early efforts.

Just a few decades ago, Americans recycled less than 10 percent of their solid waste.

While it still has no federal platform for doing so, the EPA, through its Resource Conservation Challenge program, is pushing for Americans to up that rate.

Forty-two states now have their own recycling or waste diversion goals, and 18 are trying to divert upwards of half their waste via recycling or composting. SEND YOUR ENVIRONMENTAL QUESTIONS TO: Earth Talk®, c/o E – The Environmental Magazine, P.

RCRA abolished open dumps and required the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create guidelines for solid waste disposal and regulations for hazardous waste management, but had little to say about recycling except to call for an increase in federal purchases of products made with recycled content.

The EPA also published manuals and workshops on implementing curbside recycling programs, although funding for such programs dried up by 1981. Pioneering programs in Massachusetts and elsewhere led to the development of curbside recycling programs in more than 600 municipalities throughout the U. Although there have been a few attempts to push legislation through Congress to mandate minimum national recycling rates, none have made it out of committee hearings. government has historically relied on state and local governments to handle waste management in all of its forms, including recycling.This on-line listing is provided for the convenience of the on-line visitor but may not contain an up-to-date listing or all related statutes.Please visit the Connecticut General Assembly website for the complete listing of the environmental protection general statutes and related documents.Two states, Rhode Island and New Jersey, both being small, densely populated and short on landfill space, implemented comprehensive approaches to recycling.

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