Lancashire evening telegraph dating

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Lancashire evening telegraph dating

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He also told her his mum and sister lived in Australia, his dad was dead and he had a twin sister who had died in car crash near her 21st birthday.

On another occasion he said he saved his family from a house fire at the age of eight and he was a former professional rugby player.

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When you click on a link in the feed you go straight to our site to read the full story.When Miss Kew contacted him asking what was going on, he replied: “You weren’t supposed to get hurt.Take care.” In August last year he was given an 18-month community order by magistrates in Blackburn after admitting he conned his then girlfriend Charlotte Chapman, from Clitheroe, out of £1,700 pounds for a trip to Australia by pretending his mother was dead.The court heard that his treatment of Miss Kew left her feeling ‘abused and violated’.Judge John Potter described his behaviour as “planned, cynical and devious” and said it had caused “significant harm”.Bizarre claims made by Peter Wall, 30, of Heaton Street, Blackburn, included telling his victim he helped police track down gunmen Raoul Moat and Derrick Bird, and he had been headhunted by MI5 and MI6.

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