Lagos dating 16 year old dating site

There are more than twenty different Nigerian tribes that make up the total number of girls in Lagos.

We have the Yoruba making up about 45 percent of the girls in Lagos while the Igbo comes second with something around 35%, Edo girls takes the third place and several other girls which includes girls from Calabar, Hausa, fulani and of course very few immigrant.

So what am I looking for and why am I considering dating when I’m not even sure I’m ready for this part of life?

That’s the only word that fully explains what I’m looking for, MINE; no games, no emotional filter, just simply MINE.

I want a man I can be open with; not necessarily married to but just open.

Actually, my dating innocence was yanked out of my fragile heart the first day I moved back to Nigeria but I blamed jet-lag and trudged on.

However, I have seen the light and I can confess that dating in Lagos is a real hustle.

It is now very easy to meet girls around your neighborhood and community using facebook friend finders.

Although, for me, locating the button is often cumbersome but let me try.Whenever I told anyone this, they'd assume I was just playing 'hard to get,' and offer to fix me up with their 'single' friend/cousin/brother/son.Like many things, the dynamics of dating in Nigeria were different to what I was used to, and like with many things, I wasn't prepared.My immediate concerns were way more pressing; work, money, Arsenal's inevitable mid-season decline, how to make the perfect pancake, and so on. It seems like everyone's talking about relationships in one form or the other almost all the time.I shrugged off the relief expressed by my people, I found it amusing. When I first arrived here, my lack of interest in dating hadn't changed, again I had more pressing issues to concern myself with, like; work, money, whether or not Arsene Wenger would buy a striker, how much I missed Mc Donald's and so on.Click on "Other tools" Once you click on the "Other Tools" as indicated above - follow the drop down menu - "Find Friends, Classmates and co-workers," you will get to a page just like the one below, with this tool, you can search for Lagos girls, you can search for girls from the same town as you, you can also search for girls that are friends with your friend.

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