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Variations ranged from simple cylinders to hats with curved sides and upturned brims.

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Jewel-encrusted crowns have been popular with monarchs for millennia.

And hats were so familiar as symbols of status to the ancient Romans that newly freed slaves received special hats to make sure they could move about as free men.

Tricorne hats, like those worn by soldiers in the Revolutionary army, were popular with the upper classes.

The lower classes wore them as well, though in leather or felt, and without the plumes of the aristocracy.

At the turn of the 20th century, this was the hot summer look. This medium-wide brimmed hat with a pinched front became the standard headwear for men throughout the year, though the bowler was still preferred by some.

Varying styles of the fedora and trilby continued to emerge.

Commoners’ hats of this time were often made of felt or skin and looked like caps.

Courtiers’ hats, however, were wide, with feathers, embroidery, and jewels.

Men in France and Spain wore wide, upturned brims like those immortalized in .

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