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My favorite part, Jamie Kennedy's cameo - definitely makes a girl feel good about herself and puts a big smile on your face.

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One can hope that there will be a follow-up effort.

It'sreportedly #15 on the New York bestseller list.

One of the important things to take from this book is that everyone is different, including men. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun, quick, heartfelt read with no lies written in the pages. It was as if a 12 year old watched a Sex and the City marathon and decided to write a book andtell it to her Uncle. In its pages you'll find all sorts of advice from what to wear on a first to what not to eat or drink while you're on it. Although I'm one of the lucky one's who has been married for years and considers herself to be in happy, healthy relationship with her "hubs", I can definitely appreciate a book like this.

I loved the cutesy graphics, the short chapters and the bullet-point areas all told in a spunky, yet honest voice.

Also, a must-read for any woman who has been in a relationship (even if they are currently in one). Have to say I am disappointed.reads like it was written by silly teenager . JLH wants to perpetuate the role of a lady as a sex object to "be quiet and please your man when he wants." This is full of TERRIBLE dating advice, no personal development, and completely absurd.

Jennifer Love Hewitt uses her personal experiences from her MANY publicized relationships with men to shed a little light on all the intricacies of dating, all the good stuff and bad stuff, and even the 'Why didn't I think of that? This does not mean that JLH is telling you "HOW IT IS" and that there is no other way, she is just giving her own little perspective. A stream of consciousness without the mature insight I expected from the author. It's full of random, racing thoughts about dating that, at times, contradict themselves. I expected Jennifer Love Hewitt's book to be witty and intelligent after hearing a radio interview where she talked about the difficulties of trying to find love, in front of the world's media and paparazzi.

He showers her with attention and is helping her move on from her breakup with Jamie [Kennedy]."Hewitt and Kennedy broke up in March after dating for a year.

Asher and Mc Carthy were married from 1999 to 2005, and have one son, Evan, now 8.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has split from her Ghost Whisperer co-star Jamie Kennedy.

A spokesman for the actress, who found fame in I Know What You Did Last Summer, confirmed the break-up.

Hewitt and Asher may have met on the set of "The Ghost Whisperer" when he taped a guest appearance for an upcoming episode earlier this year.

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