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t’s not a full “Blossom” reunion, but we think this might be a tad more interesting than seeing us try and dance like teenagers as grown adults while wearing flowered hats, floral dresses with vests, and those little clips that cinch the vest and clunky shoes with scrunched down socks. Once that ended, I packed up and moved to Nashville, where I spent a few years co-writing, co-producing, and self-publishing two albums.

You are known for your hysterical portrayal of Six Le Meure on “Blossom” but a lot of people want to know, in a nutshell, what you have been up to since then!? The first was Breathing Room , which was a singer/songwriter, pop-country, post-breakup, desperately-seeking-catharsis album.

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Needless to say, listening to fellow students shout “Whoa!

” at the top of their lungs across the USC campus wasn’t my favorite part of the college experience.

It was followed by the quirkier, wackier, somewhat kitschier, and significantly more sarcastic Coffee & Men: An EP For Childish Adults, which was intended for film and television placement (both can be found on i Tunes and Amazon).

I’m definitely still acting, though residing in Nashville doesn’t easily allow for pursuing my career as much as I’d like.

Jul 5, 2014 AM EDT The '90s NBC sitcom Blossom may have seemed like a blip on the TV radar, but the show was responsible for launching a few major careers, is remembered for being way ahead of its time, coining a few catchphrases and singlehandedly putting th…

Read more Jenna von Oy leaves her modest home and quiet life in Nashville and swaps places with Jill Zarin, who has a lavish summer home—complete with a staff—in the Hamptons, where she frequently hosts big parties.

Obviously, my child’s health and protection were the most important aspects of the whole deal, so I had to come to terms with enduring a completely different method of birth than I’d anticipated–one that was, for all intents and purposes, the antithesis of what I’d hoped for. In retrospect, it is the most stunning and exquisite experience I could have had, natural birth or not.

The C-section is part of our history together, so I view it with intense love and appreciation. What information did you have going in to birth that helped you keep on breastfeeding? I guess you could say I’m attached to the idea of being attached.

That, combined with being a stay-at-home mommy, makes it a little tougher to jet set to Los Angeles on a whim.

These days, I mostly come into town when I book something.

They are the most profound blessings I’ve ever known.

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