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"Schematron and Other Schema Technologies" is devoted to alternative Schema languages, most notably Schematron, which provides rich tools for data validation and can greatly liberate your application from a data validation task.

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This book was written in 1999 - two centuries ago in XML time, but it mysteriously has kept its value.

If there is such thing as classics of XML, then "XML elements of style" is a classic.

I found the explanations very useful: even reading about basic concepts can bring discoveries.

There are more advanced topics too, like dealing with namespaces or recursive techniques; read about them, and more challenging tasks will not catch you unprepared.

A complete case study of an existing site makes the examples really come to life.

The Appendix "XSLT and XPATH Reference" groups the available functionality in an easy to locate section with examples for each.

As a whole, these three chapters prove that schemas only begin to exhibit their potential and this is where your original ideas may flourish.

Discuss book in the Saloon — More info at Reviewed by Margarita Isayeva, May 2001 (9 of 10) Although no one can complain of a shortage in books with the 'XML' abbreviation in the title, most of those books simply explain what you can do with XML.

Few weeks ago, I posted a message demanding help in choosing a DTD in XML for doing a program which has to validate an XML written according to this DTD. It is Recipe ML, a language that lets you write recipes in XML.

Reviewed by Margarita Isayeva, September 2001 (9 of 10) Probably twice as much about XML Schemas, than you ever hoped to know :) The first six chapters provide a detailed tutorial.

Grumble: rules are stated rather than explained and the questions I had prior to reading are still ... Six more chapters immerse you into schema design issues.

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