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Being an extrovert who can string sentences together without dropping names like Hegel, Foucault and Didion meant that I was a comparative Casanova (bear in mind, I'm pale, schlubby, short and laugh a little too loudly).

I had a string of flings, a string of relationships, but rare was the night that I felt particularly lonely.

Mr Springborg said that was unnecessary."Members of the Labor Party for years have been gunning for my chief of staff because he runs rings around most of them and that's the nature of politics," he said."By fair means or by foul, they're determined to get ...

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LNP MP Trevor Watts has been appointed head of the PCCC, instead of the Opposition's first choice of former deputy premier Jeff Seeney.

Mr Seeney is considering a tilt at federal politics.

Opposition spokesman Mark Mc Ardle said the State Government's attack was disgraceful.

Meanwhile, the Opposition has ended a year-long standoff over the appointment of a permanent PCCC.

Past columns and submission guidelines are at My newly minted roommate is pressed against the window of an Uber whose backseat can hold only three people but is currently seating five.

I am confused, cramped and trying to figure out what kind of ratio my roommate is asking about as our Uber driver plays his newest mix tape. I went to a college in Chicago where eye contact is 17th base — not because the students are religious or conservative by any stretch of the imagination, but because they're a gaggle of introverts forced to interact with each other.

Unfortunately, there's no way of knowing the answer to the most important question: Did any of them ever try the meat prank in real life?

Molly Horan Molly Horan was an editorial intern at Mashable.

Queensland Parliament will sit again on February 23.

Like your old elementary school classmates who compel you to look them up on Facebook, you might wonder what all the Baker kids have been up to.

CANdid will live on and encourages submissions from customers who will have the chance to be featured on the site.

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