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They talk very little as they play, preferring to concentrate on their moves. When they get involved in a project, they’re more interested in the planning phase than in the actual execution. They step out of character—writing poetry, reading to their lover, and buying gifts.

If the project involves drudgery, their motivation evaporates and they put it off. They ignore obstacles to romance such as distance, weather, and prior commitments.

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They also have a strong need to continue learning about areas that interest them.

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This section will help you see where the potential for conflict exists between personality types and help you manage it.

Serious minded and caring, values are so important to the INFJ.

When they’re critical of something you’ve done, they probably haven’t meant to hurt you.

In their problem-solving mode, they’ve forgotten to consider your feelings.

The INTP is attracted to INFJs because of their compassion and spontaneity.

But the qualities that drew them to an INFJ in the first place can eventually get on their nerves.

If their feelings are hurt, they won’t want to talk about it right away as INFJs do. Being pestered for a discussion of the problem only makes them more upset. They want to discuss things that are important, amusing or thought-provoking. Should the conversation turn to something they’re interested in, though, they can become long-winded and even boring.

When apparently easy-going INTPs are challenged about their beliefs, they can be downright hard.

When INTPs fall out of love, the decision is almost always final. The INTP allows the relationship to deteriorate and end, with no attempt to revive it.

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