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They are skilled “people readers” and make it their task to understand someone’s flaws to determine what techniques can be used against them.

Some even go a step further and mask their bullying behind a charming and nice demeanor and even a noble cause.

By Anne Fisher, contributor Dear Annie: Ever since my team merged with a different one, about a year ago, my job has become a nightmare.

I need to know what to do as I am being disciplined from my head office and I could loose my job, as last year I was bullied by my manager and she wants me out of work as I did not do what she wanted me to do.

I feel she has got this girl to say I intimidated her as the girl is polish and her English is very poor and I feel it is my manager who has put her up to this.

Others may feel that they are on an emotional rollercoaster with the person.

Some may sense that they are experiencing toxic, unfair, or disrespectful treatment at times, but can't understand why.

The Employment Tribunal can effectively review a decision to dismiss (if that happens) and if it was unfair, then they can order you to be compensated or put back into your employment.

Not sure but I need to do something I just can't let them get away with doing this to me I was told that this polish girl was told that she might be disciplined or maybe loose her job if she did not do this and that is why my manager got her to complain or something about me Okay.They also undermine the work my group is trying to do, partly by denying us access to the support staff we are all supposed to be sharing.It has gotten so bad that a couple of key members of our department have requested, and gotten, transfers out -- which further damages our ability to do our jobs here, since we have to train replacements.Employees may dread or fear seeing the individual, not enjoy tasks or activities they liked before, and can even become physically ill from the stress of these actions.Not everyone plays fair and nice at work, so unfortunately, you need to make sure you protect your employees from disrespectful and unfair treatment in the workplace.Likewise, if you are in HR, it is imperative that you take bullying seriously and follow the guidance above to protect and help your employees who may be affected by manipulative and bullying behavior.

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