Intimidating parents children

Many parents feel that parenting is a life sentence. This can take the form of emotional hostage taking, financial, interpersonal, physical, or spiritual. When we give birth to a child we have already made a commitment to sustain the life of this new being.

The child that grows inside the mother has a home, food, shelter, and an identifiable place to be.

At what age do we cut our children loose and let them deal with the problems they created for themselves as young adults or adults? When a parent becomes afraid of their adult child something other than love is taking place.

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We greet this new being, this child, and welcome him or her to the world.

This is a newborn and everything for her is brand new.

"Threat of harm generally involves a perception of injury...physical or mental damage..or instance of injury, or a material and detriment or loss to a person." Threatening behaviors may be conceptualized as a maladaptive outgrowth of normal competitive urge for interrelational dominance generally seen in animals.

Alternatively, intimidation may result from the type of society in which individuals are socialized, as human beings are generally reluctant to engage in confrontation or threaten violence.

(3) The threat was communicated to the victim either verbally, in writing, or by electronic communication.

(4) The victim believed the threatened harm to be imminent. A felony criminal threat is a strike under California's three strikes law. For example, in Oregon a violation of the state criminal statute for intimidation results in a civil violation.

As with all forms of domestic violence escalation is the rule, rather than the exception.

It is important to take action on your own behalf early on.

Domestic violence or Interpersonal Violence can happen between any two people who are in a personal relationship.

Understandably this would include a parent and their adult child or children.

"Use of force is justified when a person reasonably believes that it is necessary for the defense of oneself or another against the immediate use of unlawful force." Intimidation may be employed consciously or unconsciously, and a percentage of people who employ it consciously may do so as the result of selfishly rationalized notions of its appropriation, utility or self-empowerment.

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