Internet dating industry news

Regardless, we believe that covert operations to manipulate online opinion and debate do exist (and indeed have been publicly acknowledged in many of the supporting links below).

As such, you may notice some minor typographical errors.– Alcyone @CLN By Ex-Shill, Above Top Secret I am writing here to come out of the closet as a paid shill.

For a little over six months, I was paid to spread disinformation and argue political points on the Internet.

The first will deal with the general online dating industry as a whole.

The second are will be for actual dating services and be divided accordingly.

Second, by showcasing the news releases that have been the most successful we intend to provide something of value to the PRWeb community.

Want to make journalists put down their coffee cups and actually read your news release?

This is an ongoing project that I plan to add to regularly.

If you have any questions or wish to include some information please contact us.

This contest is an opportunity to give something back to the PRWeb community.

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