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Dave Oester was a man who pursued many dreams in his life.

He was the leader of the International Ghost Hunter Society, inventor, Reiki master, spiritual teacher, self-published author and publisher, USMC veteran, explorer, accountant, wildcatter, minister, lecturer, and dowser.

Towards greater transparency in the tropical timber markets The ITTO Tropical Timber Market (TTM) Report, an output of the ITTO Market Information Service (MIS), is published in English every two weeks with the aim of improving transparency in the international tropical timber market.

Dave is survived by his five children, Joanna Wilbur, Andrew Oester, David Oester, Sarah Thompson and Carolina Forni. No part of this web site maybe reproduced in any form.

As well as his two younger brothers, Richard and Steven Oester. No photograph or EVP recording may be duplicated orcopied without the expressed written permission of its owners. Dave Oester copyrights all HTML pages on this site.

Yet it was his last adventure that had the most tragic and final outcome.

Following the death of his beloved wife of 22 years in January 2014, Dave Oester worked to rebuild his life.

We make a compilation in the ESRI format shape file provide by Email or secure direct download site when you order, Files send to you: World SAR.shp, AFI, ASIA, CARSAM, EUREST, EURWEST, NAT, MIDSAR.shp, other layers from SAR MAP: AMVER, PRU, LRU, MRU, RU, RCC, SPOC, HEL-L, HEL-H, HEL-M, SRG, MRG, LRG, VLR, ELR, shape file.

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History: The ICAO GIS Services create an electronic database based on the geographical (FIR's) from around the world.

History: The ICAO GIS Services was the first in 2002 to create that kind of Map with Arc GIS and receive is first Award ESRI Map Gallery transportation, ICAO Traffic flow global from DATA 2002 is an electronic database compilation from around the world.

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