Illegally validating microsoft

This step provides even stronger privacy protections for Bing users." Lynch also says that Hotmail follows a similar policy.

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Illegally validating microsoft

"This helps protect against unauthorized correlation of these details.

In early 2010, we announced that we'd enhance our existing search data-retention processes by deleting the entire IP address from search queries after six months.

We asked Brendon Lynch, senior director of privacy strategy at Microsoft, to help us compile a step-by-step explanation of what Microsoft knows and when it knows it.

The flow begins when you first start your system, log on to Windows and go through the WAT validation process.

the software giant has now decided to make the oga mandatory in two stages.

the first stage happens with immediate effect, meaning anyone using an illegal copy of office will no longer be able to download office online templates without being oga validated first.Bing and Hotmail get a little more personal, but experts and IT professionals say that they're less worried about Microsoft regarding privacy than they are about some other high-profile vendors.Microsoft starts collecting information on you and your system within minutes of you starting up a brand-new system.Microsoft Online Services go a little deeper than WAT.Here, for instance, is what Microsoft collects on a random user who searches via Bing: "When Microsoft receives a Bing search query, we collect a number of pieces of information, including the search query provided, IP address, unique identifiers contained in cookies, browser configuration and the time and date of the search," says Lynch, rattling off a list of information that's standard collection fare for search providers.But, Lynch adds, while Microsoft might know a lot about your browsing habits, it doesn't really know -- or want to know -- that much about you.

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