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”Dad, a southerner who thought switching from Shredded Wheat to Fiber One was risky, was known for online tracking the status of every flight I boarded, calling to remind me that my driver’s license was up for renewal, and locking his car doors — from the inside — in suburban New Jersey wine store parking lots because, in his words, “I don’t want to be the subject of a carjacking.” A rule-following, church-going Catholic with old-fashioned values, he never missed a child’s soccer game, ran a red light, or went to bed before all his four children were home safe, by p.m., of course.

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Watching your mom giggle over texting someone for hours can be pretty endearing.

Just seeing her laugh and smile and have someone tell her she’s pretty is worth it, so I keep trying to tell that 10-year-old brat to shut up.

I could hear it on the phone – her frustration with having to plan coffee dates with friends instead of just having a body you like to sit on the couch with.

The difficulties of owning a home and having to mow the lawn yourself, or pay someone to do it. It’s something I can’t help – that the presence of another man in the house I grew up in just makes me miss my dad again in a very fresh way.

Her not feeling like a priority to her own children, although she always has been. As an adult, I’ve loved seeing my mom as a real person instead of my parent, and I feel like I am constantly learning new things about how delightful she is.

Filling time with charity work and volunteering and French classes and art classes and home improvement projects. Like what she’s like tipsy on Limoncello in a café on Capri, she hiccups.

And I'm not saying you should do what your mother says. Heck, the fellow has proven his mettle just by America's glorious penal system, let alone rehabilitating himself.) Go ahead. (Like you wouldn't anyway.) But I caution you: This man does not walk the straight and narrow. Don't rush into things—don't move in together, don't marry, and above all, don't you dare get pregnant until you've finished college, begun your career, and made your own mistakes.

When my mom told me she had started dating a roadie for a country western band, my very first gut reaction was sheer giddiness.

When he and my dad met at Lobster Night this year, they were wearing the same thing: light blue polo shirts tucked into khakis. After a string of flaky false starts, I’m fine with the resemblance.

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