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However, in the online world, your written profile and photo galleries now communicate the messages your voice and body language are unable to display.

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In Person | Online It takes a lot of courage to approach a woman you don’t know in the middle of a gym, grocery store, bar, or wherever it is.

But if you follow these five tips, you won’t feel as intimidated.

Just keep in mind, your approach is not limited to writing a great opening email.

In the bar scene, your body language, voice, and confidence combine with what you’re actually saying to create the right approach.

At a nightclub, when you wander up to a woman cold, and she’s on her guard anyway, you have fewer odds of success.

The more you can put yourself in a position of having more familiarity the better — you’re just farther ahead on having the right odds of success.Clubs where the music is pumping, people are half drunk, and women would rather have a root canal than be approached by random guys is maybe not the best place (although, some guys thrive in these environments).But a seminar where you sit next to a woman for four hours as you both learn about a common business you’re in is much better.Keep in mind the level of familiarity gives you better odds.The more of a stranger you are, the more women are on their guard.Many are completely deserving of great, quality women.

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