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The three of us spent the rest of the night talking and joking, and I lost track of time. “Greg and I are not a boxed set,” she surprised me by saying.

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Of course, I don’t write for a website with “science” in the URL, so what the hell do I know? But one thing’s for sure – this problem does seem to arise much more frequently for lesbians than for gay men. If that’s the case, she’s probably feeling a little vulnerable, so ditching her now seems kind of cruel.

The conventional wisdom in the gay bars I troll, however, is that men are innately attracted to the pole and the hole with the same frequency as women, but society’s extraordinarily rigid confines of male sexuality prevent them from expressing this, and so they suppress it while their sisters are out there doin’ it for themselves. On the other hand, you want to protect yourself, and not set yourself up to get hurt, either.

We hooked up that night, and there was so much push-and-pull from her, where she would stop in the middle of kissing me and say things like “This is so weird! I’ve been down this road before with other “straight” girls, and it never ends well.

I have two questions: 1) Should I just back away now before I get hurt again? Single Gay Female Let’s deal with Question #2 first.Does it ever happen that bi-curious guys will go after an out gay man, but then feel conflicted about their feelings and return to the warm, familiar bosom of straightdom? But with nothing even approaching the frequency that it occurs among women, according to my lesbian friends.There’s an article on Live that suggests women may have evolved over time to be more open to bisexuality as a means of obtaining the security that there will always be another pair of hands for raising their children – if a dude isn’t around, another lady will do just fine.met Greg* through a dating website and we talked online and then on the phone for about a week.I was very hesitant because I had never tried online dating before, and also because of one more very glaring fact: Greg was in a four-year relationship with Jen*. He was looking for another partner because he and Jen are polyamorous and they often maintain more than one relationship at once. Polyamory wasn’t something I’d ever considered trying.Having the option of dating both men and women (and occasionally couples!

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