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I was smoking joints so I could get comfortable, there’s no lie .

You know but it wasn’t self-destructive or something. Then with the band I was starting to experiment as a musician and be more comfortable and being like, “Whoa, I can do this, I have a good ear.” Everyone was really encouraging so it just started happening really quickly and really naturally and we started writing songs together and it was really fun.

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Then came the live show which was like the next big… That’s when I kind of felt like—Christian is, he’s kind of possessed on stage, it’s amazing. Just having him by my side made me more comfortable obviously, but he comes alive. He’s a really quiet person off stage and I’m kind of a louder person off stage but I’d get quiet on stage and he’d get loud.

It was like him just being there helped me come out of my shell but I think that for the first forty, thirty shows I wore a mask. Then I read this thing on someone’s blog and they were like, “I don’t know if maybe the girl in Grouplove is a burn victim” and I was like, “Okay I gotta take the mask off, I gotta stop wearing the mask”. Being an artist in general in this day and age is a risk.

So I come back to my work and approached it that way with a much more “there isn’t a problem of flowing when there’s something wrong from the get-go.” You just know there’s something wrong.

It’s made me approach art with a much more creative..

When we’re writing a song together you know immediately if it’s a good song.

There’s no “let’s let it simmer” the way you do with a painting.

It’s fun music, but it’s the diversity of the band’s catalog that sets them apart from any contemporaries.

Their sophomore album, , which came out this week, puts a point on how truly eclectic Grouplove can be, without ever sacrificing the pop edge that makes the band something of a sure bet to grow into something huge or the childlike enthusiasm that bleeds through the recordings.

and the guy was like, “I don’t see why not, if he’s an artist, so of course you can bring someone”.

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