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I have always been collecting, selling and buying guitars, and I have made a lot of mistakes buying and selling original Fender and Gibsons.

I have owned original 62 Stratocasters and an original 1959 sunburst Les Paul flametop.

25 different Burnys), from discussions with two Japanese dealers and from watching the forums etc. I must point out, that all observations are my own, and I can’t guarantee anything.

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After that, the pressure to “cease and desist” production of copyright-infringing designs took its toll on Greco and they decided to change their headstocks and logos to avoid a confrontation with the American manufacturers.

No longer will “lawsuit” models of exact Gibson and Fender clones be made by Greco.

Greco copies are becoming extremely rare and demand gets higher as time passes for these vintage collectibles.

The best series of Greco by far are the “Super Real” (made in 1980 only) and “Mint Collection” (made from 1981-1990) models, which were made to amazing likeness to original Fenders and Gibson’s.

They have been making guitars since the early 1960's at the Fiji-gen Gakki plant.

However, note that some Fender copies were made in the Matsumoku plant prior to 1967.

Today Tokai and Grecos are the must collectable, but this may change tomorrow.

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