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The Fender Blues Junior is most similar to the Fender Blues Deluxe, which adds a "drive" channel, an effects loop, and uses 6L6GC output tubes for 40 watts of rated output.Like many Fender amplifiers (particularly in the Hot Rod series), many limited edition versions of the Blues Junior have been manufactured since its introduction in 1995.

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Other things to look for include chasses placed in cabinets from a different year, “doctored” tube charts, non-original control plates (usually reproductions) on silverface amps, original transformer bell ends (they have correct date codes, of course) on non-original transformers, and non-original knobs (either repro or silverface knobs on blackface amps).unusual things can be found such as the empty “Pulse Adjust” hole on the rear of early ’60 brown amps, the “middle” volume control, use of tweed style grill cloth, strange non-documented transitional circuits, and changes in tolex color including the super-rare cream colored “brown” tolex that is found on some late ’60 amps. Given that people may refer to this information seeking specific production quantities of amps they are curious about, it should be pointed out that the serial numbers apply to chassis types, and not specifically to amplifier models.

Looking at serial numbers next to the ’60 5G5 brown Pro Amp for example, we see numbers ranging from 00001 to 02000, suggesting that there are 2000 of these amplifiers made in ’60.

I believe all my Silverface amps have no two-letter date codes. Both have SN's that start with F3xxxxx and was told that meant 1983.

I have Paul Rivera era amps and Bruce Zinky Amps to check. I could be wrong, but I've nothing to counter that comment for accuracy.

To me, I agree that amplifers' serial numbers indicate minimal.

Some serial numbers can fall into a group of SNs that may indicate a particular year.It would be more accurate to say that approx 650 of each of these models were produced in ’60. Look for a sticker inside the cabinet like the one in the pic below, or similar sticker on newer amps.Just wondering, researching my 1983 Concert II and Twin Reverb II . What do you think about "post-Silverface" amp serial numbers indicating decades or years? B-232117,top control style open-back cabinet in black tolex covering, metal plate stamped Fender, silver grille cloth, dog bone handle, chromed chassis with two 'chicken-head' style rotary controls, toggle switch, pilot lamp, jack input, plaque at the back Made in Mexico, 230V, European two prong plug; signed by Eric Clapton on the back in black felt pen This auction is now finished.Some things are very obvious such as non-original or reconed speakers, non-original transformers, replaced pots, re-tweed, re-tolex, re-grill, etc.

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