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In addition, the test validates that multipath I/O is working correctly, meaning that each of the disks is seen as one disk, not two.

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If disk read and write operations take too long, one possible result is that cluster time-outs might be triggered.

Another possible result is that the application attempting to access the disk might appear to have failed, and the cluster might initiate a needless failover.

This document describes how to perform a computation on a single worker (one processor) or on multiple workers using a script with a "parfor" loop.

You must have a license for MATLAB and the MATLAB PCT to allow you to run the MATLAB client session.

This test lists disks that can support clustering and are visible to all tested servers.

To support clustering, the disk must be connected through Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), i SCSI, or Fibre Channel.

Through the MATLAB installations on Oakley, you will be able to take advantage of the interactive capabilities in the MATLAB PCT, as well as submitting batch jobs through the MATLAB client sessions.

On Demand or VNC is needed to use this (the MATLAB PCT is GUI only at this time), but it will allow you to debug your parallel jobs using various tools in real time.

If this test reveals that disk failover does not work correctly, the results of the following tests might help you identify the cause of the issue: This test validates that when multiple clustered servers arbitrate for a cluster disk, only one server obtains ownership.

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