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It’s an effect as far removed from merriment as you can get.After an hour I assume he’s not coming and leave – only to bump into him in the doorway.Time ticks by, and as it does, my thoughts about Hawke take on a steadily darker hue.

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I turn up in the restaurant in Paris where we have arranged to meet.

It’s a far from glamorous sort of place, a throwback to Fifties bohemia with faded posters on the walls, chequered tablecloths and a balding, ponytailed patron who beats the coffee grounds out of his espresso machine as if he’s settling a long-standing grudge.

Our lead girl still gets torn between two guys, each from a different rung on the social ladder, only this time round it's actually the down-to-earth businessman making a healthy living for himself (Michael) who's an amiable mass of benevolence, and the laid-back young musician struggling to make ends meet (Troy) who acts like an offhand, self-righteous bully for much of his screen time.

That the film still expects our sympathies to lie in the usual places regardless and root for Troy simply because he's the underdog is just the slightest bit galling (let's ignore the fact that Leliana, the lucky heroine who has the honour of choosing between them, is something of a whiny, irresponsible brat herself).

While it may go on being fondly-remembered by those who experienced it at the time, on the whole this one feels like it's been rather grounded in 1994, and left with only real claim to fame – and that's that it famously beat 'Pulp Fiction' to the rights to have 'My Sharona' on its soundtrack.

With hindsight, it was probably 'Pulp Fiction' who had the last laugh.But no one in the restaurant appears to recognise him – and this, I suspect, is how he likes it.In his plaid shirt and with a light sprouting of facial hair, he looks just like the kind of literary tourist you see in the legendary bookshop, Shakespeare and Co, which is where some of Before Sunset was shot.The fault, it turns out, is entirely mine: messages have been sent postponing the interview that for some reason have failed to arrive.Hawke, however, behaves as if he’s the one who’s in the wrong: he’s apologetic, gracious, eager to make amends.In the flesh, he looks rather less chiselled than he does on screen.

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