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For example, if you specify 10, databases with 10% or more recorded unused space are compacted.

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When to compact databases It is recommended that you compact databases weekly or monthly, using the -B option to recover disk space.

If you use a certified backup utility, remember to run it after compacting is complete.

Updall Updall is similar to Update but it does not run continually or work from a queue. You can specify options when you run Updall but without them, Updall updates any view indexes or full-text search indexes on the server that need updating.

Like Update, Updall rebuilds all corrupt view indexes and full-text-search indexes that it encounters.

Use the file setting, Default_Index_Lifetime_Days, to change when Updall discards unused view indexes.

Best utilities for recovery ******************************************************* I. To save disk space, Updall also purges deletion stubs from databases and discards view indexes for views that are unused for 45 days, unless there are different criteria specified for discarding view indexes.

Domino uses copy-style compacting by default when you use an option with Compact to enable a database property that requires a structural change to a database, or when you run Compact on a database that has a structural change pending that was initiated from the Database Properties box.

Enabling or disabling the database properties, "Document table bitmap optimization" and "Don't support specialized response hierarchy," require structural database changes.

Compact - Basics To compact a database in the Domino Data folder, enter the file name, such as

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