Emma roberts nick jonas dating dating a dentist

So, famous stars, such as Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts and even TWO of his exes, are sounding off on their crushes on the 22-year-old hunk.

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The songs he sings are sexy, the pictures he posts are raunchy (starting but certainly not ending with his magazine underwear shoot)…

The “Jealous” singer has basically become the poster child for puberty!

There’s a real tune-in factor because it’s like, Who’s going to be picked off this week? '‘Every episode, you get clues as to who the killer is going to be and then all of these clues accumulate.

Whoever survives - and there will be people who will survive - they will go on next season to a new location and a new terror.

5 reasons adults should watch TVGuide.com: Tell me about his song to Dana, "Introducing Me."Bridges: That was so much fun to shoot.

I was actually nervous going in because it was our very first day of work, my very first day on the set. TVGuide.com: Does Dana butt heads with the other girls?

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Emma Roberts Mark your calendars, the Ryan Murphy-executive produced show will premiere in September on Fox!

The 18-year-old plays Dana Turner, who arrives from Camp Rock's rival camp to have a star-crossed romance with Nate (Nick Jonas).

She ends up liking Nate (Nick Jonas) and Nate likes her and they have a little romance.

She actually approaches him, flirts with him first, which is I think is awesome.

“I remember being 12 and thinking, I can’t wait until I’m 16, because by then I’m going to have a car, a driver’s license, a really cool boyfriend, and boobs,” she says. “Some people look at me and think, ‘She’s just Julia Roberts’ niece,’ so I wanted to do something smaller and edgier, something that would show I really am an actress,” she says.

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