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You can manipulate the index that is associated with a Maven repository by right-clicking on a repository in the Maven Repositories view and selecting one of the following actions: This will rebuild an index for a local repository by iterating through the contents of a repository and recreating a Nexus index from scratch.This can be a useful tool if there is another process outside of Eclipse that is going to be modifying a local Maven repository.

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Sure would be nice if this was done automatically when the new plugin was installed, or if it was at least documented somewhere...

"Holy wasted week, Batman..." Suggestion if you are still having trouble: Delete all your projects from your eclipse workspace, delete the .classpath, .project, and everything in the .settings folder, and re-add them as new Maven projects.

The Maven Repostitories view allows you to browse and manipulate your local Maven repository index.

m2eclipse maintains an index for the contents of your local repository, you can use this interface to browse artifacts that have been loaded into your local repository as shown in Figure 6.14, “Browsing Your Local Maven Repository”.

Older m2eclipse projects have stale stuff sitting around in .classpath, .project and .settings folder which need to be removed.

First open the Maven Console: Choose the menu Window Console. All the other poms which are located in subdirectories aren't found but I think this is expected. It imports project but there is only JRE env on the Build Path screen so all my sources are highlighted in red as there are no any libraries in the classpath. I right click on the project and choose Maven - Update Project Configuration and after that Update Dependencies. It downloads jars into repository and doesn't update the Build Path so I still have the compilation errors. Adding the M2_REPO variable to the Build Path doesn't help of course as it's pointing on the repository root and eclipse doesn't collect the information about all those jars hidden inside repository. I stuck here Also I tried to run the mvn eclipse:eclipse but it doesn't update the .classpath.This "workspace" repository is shown in Figure 6.10, “Browsing the m2eclipse Workspace Repository” under the Local Repository folder.If you expand this folder, you will see artifacts that correspond to your workspace project as shown in Figure 6.10, “Browsing the m2eclipse Workspace Repository”.In the upper right hand corner of the Console, there are a bunch of icons. I had to create the shell script which runs through the repository and extracts all the jar paths and updates the .classpath file.Find the Open Console icon, and from the drop down menu, select Maven Console. But this is ridiculous as in this case I don't need the m2e plugin at all The maven version installed in my system is 2.2.1.Am I missing something simple somewhere, or is m2e in Indigo really broken?

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