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Consider context when whining about how people speak.Unless two people are into heavy duty B&D&S&M and all that entails (which is or should be another thread and another site) everything is open to interpretation or people wanting to "define" the situation. When she's on top is he being submissive or is she more dominant? Because we're dealing with people there IS no one definition of what they're doing.

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I say this in that a truly functional D/S relationship neither party would do anything harmful so the sub has no fear of doing anything illegal or truly hurtful. I only bring it up because so many people on here throw the terms dom and sub around like it's nothing and I wonder how many people have truly had a D/S relationship.a true dom/sub realationship.. he/she is there to please the parnter BUT they have to want to be in that position... anyone who likes that should by all means go for it but i think it`s more exciting to make it just one aspect of your sex life along with other aspects.

and a good dom will always take care of his/her sub and make them want to do it ... I think most people just like playing at it in the bedroom.... a woman giving herself to me to use for my own personal pleasure is fun when done in the proper context but If a woman expected me to command her every move on a full time basis it would really get old unless i could say "go stand in the closet until i come get you" and it would be hard to maintain a sense of equality in the relationship as a whole.

If you are truly submissive in the bedroom then you do everything you are told when you are told to do it and for how long your master wants you to do it for.

This is not just limited to physically sexual acts mind you.

You make no decisions on any issues and must get permission from the Dom to do anything.

And , as a slave, if you work, be prepared to hand that paycheck over to your Dom, they will spend it as they see fit (for themselves and/or the slave). This is also the type of lifestyle where you will find slaves in cages.There is a HUGE difference between someone being in charge or leading the activities and dominance.As is there a difference between someone following along and being submissive.What draws people to feel the need to be a slave, that i do not know. I have turned away many men and women who have come to me saying their Dom of 5, 10, 15 years had passed away or they felt was getting ready to release them and wanted to know if i would take them.There is a website has an advertising section and there are men and women in there looking for or desiring to be slaves.They're available to help you create your online dating profile and if you need any help when signing up.

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