Did camilla belle dating robert pattinson

Camilla Parker-Bowles, on the other hand, just hates pregnant Kate Middleton and wants any reason to criticize her and drive a wedge between her and the rest of the family.

As such, it’s not shocking to hear that neither Queen Elizabeth nor Camilla Parker-Bowles are happy about Kate’s billionth wardrobe malfunction on Tuesday morning – when Kate made her first public appearance since announcing her second child pregnancy at London’s Royal Garden Hotel to welcome the President of Singapore and his wife.

I think it’s time to buck up and start wearing pants, no?

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Instead of the focus staying on Kate’s second pregnancy or the royals making their rounds, it’s been Kate and her wardrobe malfunction in the news all week.

The Queen is probably furious, Camilla is probably running around and bitching about Kate to everyone who will listen, and Kate is once again in the hot seat for all the wrong reasons.

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In what has become almost routine by now, Kate had a wardrobe oopsie when the wind came and blew up her skirt exposing her underwear.

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