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Nick and Joe Jonas stepped out in LA on Tuesday with Demi Lovato's boyfriend and their longtime pal, Wilmer Valderrama.

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Joe and Gigi were confirmed to be dating after they were spotted enjoying a night out together in early 2015.

One onlooker tweeted at the time: "Joe and Gigi were dancing and whispering things to each other all night they're so cute." They subsequently broke up in November, with a source telling about his ideal girl, saying that he would want her to get on well with his friends.

I'm practically burning down my apartment brewing potions to keep my exes at bay while Lovato and Jonas are knocking back Smartwaters in between sets.

That's the Even if you have a harmonious relationship with your ex, spending four hours trapped in a metal box with them would drive you nuts, right? Nope, Jonas and Lovato kept their cool and even documented the entire ordeal on Snapchat.

His older brother, Kevin Jonas, is expecting a second daughter with wife Danielle, but Joe definitely isn’t ready to settle down.

He told Us Weekly, “I just watch my brother and the bags under his eyes for the last year — him and his wife — and I’m like, ‘You know what? Usually you have, like, a few months to crank out an album, and we had this year to evolve as a band and really create something that we’re really proud of.”, “It was hard for me as just a person, because it was all I [knew] for so many years.” But he believes it was the best decision for the trio: “It was like second nature, which is also probably why we kind of at one point got lazy or creatively kind of stopped caring as much as we did.”After years spent touring with his brothers, Joe has come into his own as DNCE’s frontman and has enjoyed having more control.

Maybe his recent beach rendezvous with Victoria's Secret models has something to do with it?

Keep reading to see more of their afternoon, and then check out Nick's recent outing in London with Douglas Booth.

They broke up in November 2015 after five months together.

The singer’s other famous exes include Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Ashley Greene and Camilla Belle.

Having an ex right a personal essay about your troubled relationship pretty much sounds like a nightmare.

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