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Kross also plays the same role as a 22-year-old growing up university law student attending Hanna Schmitz`s trial as well.

This is probably one of the more controversial roles of the young actor`s career appearing nude on several occasions, including simulated sex scenes and full-frontal nudity.

With the age of feudalism in decline, Europe rests at a tense crossroads between the old world and the new.

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The 2008 film adaptation, written by English playwright David Hare, was directed by Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldry.

What is it about The Story of An Hour that so fascinates the reader? With these quotes, discover how Kate Chopin dramatizes the story of a wife, who discovers the truth about her husband's death.

Kross is acting in a new German film, Same Same But Different, to be shot in Cambodia. He began his career at a young age with a small role in the 2002 film Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge and worked sporadically, mainly focusing on his school work.

In 2008 he won the starring role of Michael Berg in critically acclaimed film The Reader.

Winslet's greatest commercial successes since Titanic include the romantic comedy The Holiday (2006), the animated film Flushed Away (2006), and the first two films of the Divergent series.

In addition to acting, Winslet has narrated documentaries and children's books.

But despite his age, Kross knew the sex scenes had to be done properly and couldnt have had a better co-star.

He continued to Britains Daily Mail newspaper: Shes one of the best actresses to do such scenes with as shes done it before and knows what she is doing. The Reader is based on the eponymous 1995 German novel by Bernhard Schlink.

David Kross has revealed the 33-year-old actress banished any awkwardness from their intimate scenes in The Reader by telling jokes.

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