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Bobby will draw on his training and experience as a Team & Leadership Development Specialist.

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Get a crash course on these conditions, coping skills, support strategies, and even a little inspiration.

Whether you have an invisible disability or not, you will take something away to help yourself as well as those around you.

One element that runs through all of these subjects is the way we treat each other.

The need for improving relationships in our communities is necessary now more than ever. The skills covered in this program are for leaders and anyone who wants to improve the way they interact with others on campus, at home, and even in the workplace.

This session explores the simple ideas and easy to use strategies that can make daily tasks, meetings, and all your programming more fun.\n Target Audience: Student This program will focus on marketing your programs/events to your student population.

Taking initiative, risk taking, and staying proactive are integral after the program is booked.

This training features special content for student activities professionals, including considerations for event programming and a takeaway guide for establishing an invisible disabilities group on your campus.

Target Audience: ALL Civility, Diversity, Inclusion, and Bystander Intervention are all important topics in Student Life.

In this session, students will learn new ways to advertise, get excited about your upcoming events, and share ideas with attendees from other campuses.

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