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The upper-level manager ordered the supervisor to stop dating the employee or be fired, using company policy and the complaints as the reason for the order. He sued, saying the company was violating his right to privacy by trying to monitor his relationships. Why: While recognizing the employee’s right to privacy, especially outside the workplace, the court noted the company had a right to set policies and regulate behavior that might affect the efficient operation of business.

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Dating your boss could get you into a hell of mental mess. Listed below are top 10 tips to keep in mind while dating your boss: It’s practically impossible to keep it a secret that you are dating your boss, unless you don’t have 007 skills.

It’s like you try to cover a fish with grass to hide it from your cat.

The facts: The upper-level manager of a male supervisor got complaints that the supervisor was showing favoritism toward a subordinate he was dating.

At the time, the company had a policy banning relationships between supervisors and subordinates.

Outside office, you aren’t a subordinate practically.

That’s at a personal level and you should behave in accordance with it. It’ll toughen your time under that person as your boss in office hours.

Forget about the sex against desk fantasy, totally. Is it just infatuation and all you are looking for is some fun?

It’s a fortune to date your boss if you are single and fell in sacred love with your unmarried boss.

Handle your competition at your own level, like you would have done otherwise.

Cut down the amount of extra time you try to spend at boss’s desk.

Don’t accept incentives that are not in accordance with your performance.

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