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The Comparison Game It’s a reasonable concern, worrying that a widow(er) will compare the next relationship to the one that came to a tragic end.

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The deceased spouse wasn’t perfect; comparing yourself to an image of a saint isn’t fair to either of you.

If the new relationship is a healthy one, it will develop into a unique one, independent of the person who came before.

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Thank you.** Besides penning the self-help guide "PAST: Perfect! Insights From One Woman's Journey As The Wife of a Widower" Julie is also the author of the illsutrated parenting humour book, "Parentally Insane: Insights From The Edge..Midlife!If you’re feeling insecure about not living up to someone else’s legacy, be honest and vulnerable with your partner.Ask questions, listen carefully, and don’t come to conclusions about the deceased spouse or the previous relationship.Unique Challenges: Adjusting to a “New Normal” A widow(er) confronts different dating challenges than, say, a divorcee, in that “forever” ended against their will.It may be difficult to be vulnerable with someone new.Ask questions and provide a safe space for him/her to be honest with you. ” and offering a shoulder to cry on will put him/her at ease when overwhelmed with emotion.

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