Dating someone who suffers from anxiety

Let’s check out four of the biggest differences: Introversion is a part of your inherent personality—a from-the-womb, dyed-in-the-wool trait.And while those who are socially anxious also carry a genetic predisposition toward it, there’s more than just temperament at play.

The second ingredient for social anxiety is avoidance.

We bolt at the end of the meeting so we miss the ensuing small talk, feign illness so we don’t have to go to the holiday party, or stare at our phones whenever we feel nervous, all of which keeps us mired. We don’t get the chance to discover this social stuff isn’t as bad as we think and maybe, just maybe, we got this.

Up to 13% of American adults will have social anxiety that reaches clinical proportions in their lifetime.

A whopping 90% of people will describe themselves as “shy” at some point during their lives.

And, of course, who doesn’t have socially awkward moments? Well, okay, maybe psychopaths, but who wants to be one of them?

)Although introversion and social anxiety may look like a psychological potato-potahto, they’re really more like apples and oranges.

Liam and Alex are at the local wood-paneled pub having lunch—an incongruous combination of veggie burgers with bacon. They are both handsome, soft-spoken 22-year-old college seniors, graduating this spring with honors.

They are housemates who have been known to finish each other’s sentences. We’ll end up eating out though we’re trying to cook more.

Lately, as introversion is validated and empowered, I hear folks like Liam and Alex proudly describing themselves as introverts, which is liberating and game-changing.

But those similar to Alex still feel that something’s off.. We navigate a multicultural, twenty-first century world with sensitivity and care.

Many of us, like Liam, would really, honestly, like to go home, eat a bowl of cereal, and watch the game with our housemates.

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