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When meteors tear up the highway they're driving on and nearly get them killed, they have to take the rest of the journey by foot through a dark forest filled with unexpected dangers.

The journey will bring this family closer than ever as they try to get to safety before it's too late.

Three actors who played astronauts also played astronauts in Apollo 13 (1995), but they all played different astronauts from the ones they had before.

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The new data on the origin of the Patom Crater (East Siberia).

Patom Crater in Eastern Siberia (its structure, age and conditions of origin).

This is the only true because hundreds of thousands of people contributed to proving beyond doubt that it can be done.

The race to the moon changed us, even if we don't quite realize it, and this series is a reminder of that.

Ben Marley played Roger Chaffee (Apollo 1, died in the fire) in the miniseries, but John Young (Apollo 10, Apollo 16, Shuttle) in the movie, and Brett Cullen played Dave Scott (Apollo 15) in the miniseries, but Jack Lousma (CAPCOM during Apollo 13, slated for Apollo 20 which was cancelled, flew Skylab 3 in 1973) in the movie.

See more » In several episodes, all set in the 1960's, Western Electric telephone handsets with modular cords are seen.

Экспедиционное обследование Патомского кратера // Избранные проблемы астрономии: Материалы научно-практической конференции «Небо и Земля», посвященной 75-летию астрономической обсерватории ИГУ.

The origin of Patom Crater, East Siberia, from geological and geochemical data.

Sadly I feel that this is one of the most misunderstood and under appreciated events in human history, thought of by many today as some sort of great patriotic publicity stunt by an insecure America.

I feel I can almost read Tom Hank's mind and feel his desire to make people understand the difficulty and significance of the achievement.

Формирование конуса произошло в результате многолетнего, возможно многократного промерзания гидрогеологической структуры, претерпевшей длительный и сложный этап крио- и спелеогенеза.

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