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if you're a vegetarian/vegan if all the pictures in your house are pictures of you in a club if you hate tattoos you overanalyze everything I say. You hurt me before, I'm not letting you hurt me again. if you have braces if your hair is shorter than mine if you don't have pretty eyes. If you think Dragon ball Z is an energy drink if you don't know the offside rule in soccer if you don't play video games. If you don't give head if you want too much attention you're always talking about your ex. if you show up on game day wearing the rival team's jersey.

if you dont believe in God if you don't know how to hold a conversation. If you don't like to party your idea of cooking is mac n cheese & ramen. if you get clingy after 1 date if my wife looks hotter than you if your not being positive cuz i don't need negative energy around me U are too skinny if you don't respect me.

What's the best way of breaking this news and how do Alison and I deal with the fallout?

IT IS true that the marriage of cousins causes raised eyebrows.

At one stage Labour MP Ann Cryer was calling for a ban.

Then again I have also read that the risk of giving birth to babies with genetic defects as a result of marriages between first cousins is no greater than that run by women over 40 who become pregnant.

In making public your love for Alison you will disrupt that scenario. You just do it and wait for everyone to get used to the idea.

Your relationship will throw all others into doubt. You obviously can't go on keeping your relationship a secret much longer.

If you disrespect your mom, if you disrespect your mother, there's a good chance you'll disrespect me. For Women if your ex boyfriend just got outta jail.

if you only like me because of my money because you have no future, no goals, no passions if you cant be trusted when i am not around If you wear graphic tees if you keep blowing up my phone every 2 seconds.

They grow up together, play together and regard each other with the mild, proprietorial amusement of people who are close but not that close.

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