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Collections are something that should be shared with others, not hidden away where no one else can see and appreciate them.

Lastly, I enjoy the hunt for new artifacts to add to my collection, Mining artifacts can be found in a host of places.

For the truly adventurous collector there are old mines that can be explored for artifacts.

As early as 10,000 years ago copper was being mined for use as tools, implements, weapons and ornaments.

At some point man discovered that adding tin to copper made a metal that was harder than copper alone resulting in bronze taking the place of copper for most tools, implements and weapons until iron was discovered.

For the more adventurous collector there are still artifacts to be found around old mining sites, the more remote the better.

Just remember that these sites are dangerous due to possible open shafts and decaying structures.

Without copper electricity could not be produced or distributed, without iron to make steel we would not have cars, trucks, trains, steel construction girders, steel cable, without bauxite to make aluminum, and other ores to produce other lightweight metals, we would not have airplanes, without uranium we would not have nuclear energy, and the list goes on.

Much of the raw material used in our modern industrial society are produced by mining.

Remember that abandond mine sites will most likely be on private or government property.

Where possible seek permission to enter the site and leave it like you found it, don't litter, deface or destroy anything at the site.

Actually mining dates back much further than most of us realize, pre-historic man mined flint nodules from clay deposits using picks made from deer antlers.

The remains of these earliest mining operations have been found and studied by modern archeologists.

Others concentrate on a particular type of mining such as coal vs hardrock mining, or break hardrock mining down further into gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, tin, etc. I collect because I enjoy the history associated with each artifact As I add to my collection, I enjoy researching each piece and placing it within its historical context.

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