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One is simply in terms of a 1-10 rating of the woman’s looks [plus some perhaps small contribution from how good in bed she is] and I think this is how the term is often used…The other way is to think of how valuable sex with a given women would be to you…For me, I think that the 8 in looks is probably at least 2x as desirable to have sex with than a 7 in looks, all else being held equal. Sexual market value as a concept makes no sense if we start from “What SMV means to me.” Discussion of the concept would be meaningless and therefore add no value or understanding.

Of course, we all have our own standards for what we find attractive, and that will be reflected in the way we assign SMV rankings to others.

The market – in this case all the individuals engaged in mating behavior – determine the price at the macro level, and individual buyers and sellers set the price at the micro level, i.e. When we discuss SMV as it pertains generally to either sex, we are by definition speaking at the macro level, and idiosyncratic personal preferences have no place in the discussion.

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It's a mistake for today's modern day, professional woman to lead with (or overemphasize) her career accomplishments, as none of that matters to him if he's not attracted to her or if he doesn't find her to be warm, sweet, and kind (or if he doesn't get a sense that she can or will appreciate him for who he is).

If he senses that she might not be the type to show him sincere respect and admiration, he'll likely skip right by her and target someone who seems to be more of a "soft place to land" at the end of a hard day.

He coined the term in the '90s in his groundbreaking book, , which has served as a gentle wake-up call for single love seekers of all backgrounds.

Is "Romantic Market Value" the same for men as it is for women?

But every time we say, “He’s a 9” or “A 7 is twice as hot as a 6,” we speak subjectively – our personal preferences say little about the market’s valuation. Sexual Market Value is the price that someone is willing to pay for what someone else is selling.

Over the years here at HUS, some men have said that a woman’s SMV is determined by the quality of the males who are willing to commit to her.

In contrast, the female 7 who wants nothing more than access to the “good genes” of the highest status guys on campus is satisfied if she gets them to have sex with her – in fact, she’s batting 1,000.

Her theoretical SMV is a 7, but her effective SMV in college is a 10.

This too, is fair enough – I’ve never made an argument I wasn’t willing to back up with hard numbers, and I suppose I shouldn’t start now. In this post I will clarify what sexual market value is, as there is considerable misunderstanding and misuse of the term in the blogosphere.

I will then provide real data that describes the slope of declining female SMV over time.

Kathy and I scheduled an emergency dating coaching session and we role-played together, so she could practice sharing from a softer, more feminine place.

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