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The mission of the author is to share stories about love, sex and romance that inspire adults to think in new ways and communicate openly so as to enjoy more fulfilling personal relationships.

For seven years, Karen Kreps wrote the “Intimacies” column for magazine and hosted the related public discussion group that met monthly at Book People, an independent bookseller in Austin, Texas.

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For more information, please contact the author, karen at trueintimacies dot com.

Here’s what the experts are saying about what lies between the covers: “The secrets of love, sex and romance must come from those who do not guard them selfishly, and Karen Kreps’s collection of articles is a remarkably open-hearted series of revelations.

It appears that the most popular places to leave or hide love notes is somewhere in your kitchen or bathroom.

ISBN 978-0-9797890-0-7 How to find, enjoy and sustain successful, stimulating romantic relationships is the focus of dozens of selected writings originally published in magazine.

Make being intimate, romantic, and having fun together a priority in your marriage.

Here are suggestions for romance, getting away together, gift giving, cinema therapy, movies about marriage, marital superstitions, sex and more!

What hope does The Secret offer to those in search of romantic love? The passionate quest for romantic fulfillment is the most universal and intense of human aspirations.

When it reaches its acme, the attraction to another person totally occupies the thought and will, the emotions and sensations.

Perhaps the number one lovemaking complaint men have is that they rarely get a "great" blowjob.

Fellatio is an art and if done wrong, it can be painful - done exceedingly well, and this man will do ANYTHING for you. Few things are more heart-breaking than losing the man you love.

Surf the web with them one day and just "stumble upon it".

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