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During the First World War a number of hospitals and convalescent homes were set up in the town.

Between the wars, a major advertising campaign by the Great Western Railway ensured that Torquay became a major holiday resort.

Little is known of its early history until the arrival of the Roman Empire in Britain during the Claudian invasion of 43.

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The collecting of pottery is a pleasure, to hold a pot perhaps a hundred years old in nearly identical condition now as it was the day it came out of the kiln, is always a joy. Furniture, paintings and drawings all degrade over the years, but pottery endures like none of these and there are still many treasures to be found.

The History of Torquay, a town in Torbay, on the south coast of the county of Devon, England, starts some 450,000 years ago with early human artefacts found in Kents Cavern.

In 1870, Lawrence Palk, 1st Baron Haldon built another new harbour for the town which made it popular with yacht sailors.

It was also extensively used for importing coal and wool from Australia.

Furthermore, when construction began on the Belgrave Hotel on Torquay seafront in 1840, workmen discovered evidence of a large road between fifteen and twenty feet wide "consisting of large stones placed end to end and requiring gunpowder to break it up and remove it, such was the strength with which it was built." This road was known locally as the 'calcetum' (Latin for causeway) and is mentioned in a number of Medieval and Early Modern sources as a boundary line between various estates in the town, where people would often meet.

Given its size, the quality of its construction and the lack of development in this area of Torquay until the nineteenth century, it is possible these were the remains of a Roman road, as local historians J.By the 19th century, most of the land was owned by three families: the Carys, the Palks, and the Mallocks.There was little development until the early 19th century, when Lawrence Palk, 2nd Baronet built a new harbour here.In World War II, the town, with its preponderance of hotels, provided extensive training facilities for the RAF.From 1944, many American troops were also stationed here. In 1948 Torquay hosted the watersports events of the Olympic Games.Much of the later building in the town was done by his solicitor, William Kitson, who was put in charge of the Palk estates in 1833.

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