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Strapping on the bindings, then letting the boards run.“Laughing, charging down the mountain, and hitting every little bump and rise with more excitement than usual: other dates really can’t compete with that. As long as both are well dressed on a sunny day, even in 0 degree weather with the sunlight reflecting back, it can actually be t-shirt weather.” “Building an igloo is a great idea for a date for many reasons: spending time outdoors in the fresh winter air, being able to work on something together while having conversation, and don’t forget about the spontaneous snowball fights.That sort of connection lasts a lifetime; sharing those moments with someone you are dating makes the connection that much stronger. We went through a Mc Donald’s drive-thru on one of our rides. Later on warming up with hot cocoa and a bonfire beside the igloo that you and your date (or group date) built is a bonding experience. But that is why having a group date works so well for this activity.“To build the igloo map out a circle in the snow. Play games and pop popcorn with background music 105.

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Build snow sculptures at the dorms or institute 34.

Drive out to the desert and spell words with rocks 41.

Visit children in a hospital and read to them if allowed 160. Frost graham crackers and take them to someone 174.

Wrap presents for older people and leave them on their door step; ring the bell and run 173.

Make cookies and deliver them to a widow or a friend having a birthday 148.

Prepare holiday treats and take them to the hospital or care center 147. Wash a car, tune the engine, clean the inside and outside of a car. Hike to a waterfall and see if you can follow the feeding stream 50. Take the tram to the top of a ski lift in the summer and hike down 52. Take a long ride or walk with your date and several little children 54. Have tennis tournament (add breakfast for before school/work) 61. Play checkers or chess in the park or on a rock in the mountains 123. Play water balloon volleyball or feather volleyball 122. Visit the Brigham Young home and Jacob Hamblin Home in St.

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