Dating guy not divorced yet

Would you date someone who's not even legally separated, but living apart?

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He was incredibly pissed at me when I declined further contact.

I mean *really* pissed; accused me of being narrow minded, etc. Even if he hated his wife and they hadn't had sex in years, no one is ready for a serious relationship so soon.

She had some kind of lazy attitude about it, as if they were in NO rush The wierd thing, they have NO kids, so there's no reason they should NOT have a speedy divorce.

He must be keepin him around as a F-buddy or something.

There was actually a woman I had high interest in for a while, however, she was seperated, apparently the divorce was in the works for a while, something about the delay in the papwork in regards to the business they both previously owned.

Since it was one of those "Up in the air" divorces, I decided not to go for it, while some guy who considers a still technically married woman as fair game anyhow, while I did not, so I didn't pursue her.If someone is going through a divorce, I might date them, but I'd be cautious. If she is divorcing for irreconcilable differences, or he cheated, then thats one thing.If she was getting divorced because she had been unfaithful in the marriage, then she isn't worth my time.What are your thoughts on dating a man or woman who is only separated or just living apart from one another, but not divorced?My dad was seeing one woman who wasn't legally separated, but living apart from her husband because they were having issues. Plus, the person you are with is going through a lot, emotionally.When I would try to find out more info as to why they're taking so long, she kind of changes the subject.

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