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Пётр / Piotr Wankowicz, officer in Minsk, Belarus, owner of Wolma and Skarabagatawa farm in the Minsk county in 1654, died before 1670, married to Ганна Дунін-Глушынская / Anna / Hanna Dunin-Gluszynska of Wolkowysk; Above Stanislaw Wankowicz / Станіслаў, of Smolany north-west of Orsha, bought from Tomasz Cedrowski and Katarzyna nee Drucka-Lubecka, Siemionkowicze / Сяменькавічы and Slobodka / Slobudka in the Minsk county in 1672, landowner of Domaszewicze / Damashevichi / Дамашы / Дамашэвічы in the Minsk county in 1682, 1st married to Krystyna Cedrowska / Цадроўская, 2nd to Hanna Korsak / Anna / Ганна Корсак of Polock.Jan Antoni Wankowicz / Ян-Антоні, officer in Minsk - , owner of Zabaszewicze / Забашавічы in the Minsk county in 1753, d.

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before 1852); Brother of above Augusta Sołtan / Soltan / Piottuch-Kublicka b. to Iwo Zaluski: ca 1798, Kajetan Nagurski himself returned to Russian Lithuania, to reclaim and sort out his estate.

ca 1750 or 1760, was Stanisław Soltan / Stanislovas Soltanas, born in 1756 in Berdyczw, died 1836 in Jelgava, now Latvia; he was son of Stanisław Sołtan and Helena Rmer; Painted compositions of an historical, daily life, and antiquarian nature, as well as portraits; illustrated books, and published articles about Lithuanian art and artists", acc. Kajetan, unable then to get a passport allowing him back into Prussia, and thus to Warsaw, asked Morawski's father, Apolinary, to visit Maria Neri.

In 1858 - 1859 he traveled abroad, where he conferred with Adam Czartoryski and Witold Czartoryski and Count Zamoyski on the current state of Lithuania and Belarus.

Alexandre Chodzko / Aleksander Borejko Chodźko / Александр Ходзько / Аляксандар Ходзька, born 1804 in Krzywicze / Krivitchi, the Vilna Governorate, Russian Empire (now Kryvitchi, Minsk Region); died 1891 in Noisy-le-Sec; an Orientalist, Polish writer and poet, was Russian consul in Persia.

Above Michal Kleofas Oginski in 1790, to The Hague as a diplomatic representative of Poland in the Netherlands; in 1795 Konstantynopol, 1796 Venice, Tuscany; Paris; 1810 Petersburg; moved abroad in 1815?

, in 1822 Italy, 1823 Firenze / Florence to death 1833.

Apolinary Morawski became lover behind Kajetan's back, with Maria Neri ca 1798.

Nagurski brought her to his estate in Lithuania, where he married her, ca 1799.

The Breguet Company and Duflon & Constantinovich Company 1892 - 1918.

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