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Lucius fans are used to seeing Laessig and Wolfe as two halves of the same whole, weathering the dips and swells of brutal ballads or buoyant pop.

They are not accustomed to Laessig and Wolfe turning on each other, their words serving as ammo in a battle of volume and verses.

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At the tender age of 56, new reports claim Donnie Mc Clurkin is ready to take a wife.

The lucky lady is none other than fellow gospel singer Nicole C. The “alleged” engagement news was announced Thursday night on TBN’s long-running “Praise the Lord” ministry show when hosts Matt Crouch and his wife, Laurie, were joined by guests Reverend Doctor A. Bernard and Mc Clurkin and Bernard revealed that he would be giving Mc Clurkin marriage counseling.

"Gone Insane" is a runaway train of a skirmish, set to music: Laessig and Wolfe seethe at each other before their voices split off from the same melody and spiral up into two merciless, sparring tornadoes: You can't call me the one who's gone insane/'Cause we know you're the one who's gone insane.

On their own, the lyrics of the chorus would be familiar to anyone who's received a blow below the belt (or thrown one), but the sound of these two women whipping each other with their vocal cords feels especially ferocious.

According to Christian Post, news of the engagement was made this past Thursday night on the on TBN’s long-running “Praise the Lord” ministry show.

Mullen are on course to jumping the broom in the very near future.

The verse says “he who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.” And that is what Mc Clurkin says he’s looking forward to in this season of his life.“I have a lot of great things, but I don’t have a good thing, and there’s favor that can only come through marriage to a man,” he continued.

The New York-based minster talked about spending his nights watching Cartoon Network until 2 a.m.

The show is syndicated by Westwood One and Gary Bernstein’s“I'm thankful that this show can reach multitudes across the country and around the world, providing great music and information that inspires listeners to this degree. The Evening with Donnie Mc Clurkin includes a powerful night of the spoken word, praise and worship and new songs from the gospel singer’s upcoming CD on RCA Records, later this year.

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