Dating coca cola items

To learn more about Mc Coy, visit his blog at cocacolabottleman.or check out his book, “The Coca-Cola Bottle”.

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He let me look through some of the records, and I found a lot of great information on these bottles. The first part is the history of the bottles and an explanation of why they were created. Patent bottle, an embossed bottle, was around from 1957 to 1967.

The second part is the quick-reference guide with photographs of the bottles, the years they were made, and the sizes. The first ACL bottle, which was called the transition bottle, was used from 1955 to ’61.

Bottle manufacturers couldn’t do it because the glass was so thin.

They used an embossed diamond-shaped label that said “Coca-Cola.” The outline of the contour bottle was also embossed on that bottle. There was also a paper-label no-deposit, no-return bottle that had a red-and-white-checkered pattern with Coca-Cola logos on it.

The reason why returnable bottles persisted until the 1990s is because some of the established smaller bottlers didn’t want to change their equipment.

To go from returnable glass bottles to no-deposit bottles required new filling and capping equipment.: That’s pretty much what I collect, although I do have some no-deposit, no-return bottles.Coca-cola experimented with them in the ’60s, and then quit using them until they brought them back in a few areas in the ’70s.Other people go for the five styles of embossed contour bottles. With the ACL bottles, the Coca-Cola and Coke logos were actually baked onto the glass.Those came out in 1955 and were used until the ’90s.Some of them didn’t have the money to make the transition.

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